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  • Automotive Newsletter Q1 2021

    Rising COVID-19 case numbers and repeat lockdowns have continued to impact deal activity in Q1 2021, causing the automotive sector to fall short of its Q4 2020 momentum.

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  • Value-Added Distributors Clearview

    Increasing supplier and customer demand for partners to deliver greater value-add over and above product distribution has driven significant industry growth and consolidation in recent years.

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  • Podcast: Unquote interviews Clearwater International to review Q4 2020 PE trends

    Following the publication of the Q4 2020 Clearwater International Multiples Heatmap, Unquote interviewed Clearwater’s executive team to discuss pricing trends in European private equity.

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  • Clearwater International Multiples Heatmap - Q4 2020

    A strong performance in the second half of the year meant that any drop-off in activity was not as pronounced as was first feared, with 2020 deal value and volume falling by just 5% and 6% year-on-year, respectively. At 11x, average multiples paid in PE-backed transactions across Europe reached a new high in the final quarter of the year.

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  • Automotive Newsletter Q4 2020

    Despite another increase in COVID-19 case numbers globally, transaction activity increased sharply in Q4 after slowly picking up in Q3 and is now well above 2019 levels.

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  • Consumer Blog

    Our consumer blog discusses trends affecting the consumer sector.

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  • conference-meeting

    Multiples Heatmap Analysis Q3 2020

    In-depth analysis of the acquisition multiples paid for European private equity transactions.

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  • Automotive Newsletter Q3 2020

    The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant negative impact on the automotive sector and related M&A activity in H1 2020. However, in Q3 2020 deal activity slowly picked up pace but is still notably below 2019 levels.

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  • Children's Services Market Clearview

    Both corporate and private equity acquirers continue to be attracted to children’s services as a result of positive demographics, defensible funding and significant consolidation opportunities.

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  • Legal Technology & Services

    Technology adoption is changing the structure of the legal profession and its market evolution is presenting attractive and scalable M&A opportunities across the value chain, from full-service tech-enabled law firms right through to pureplay software vendors.

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  • Cleaning & Hygiene Chemicals Clearview

    The global pandemic has thrown the spotlight on the cleaning and hygiene industry like never before. The demand for cleaning and hygiene products is ever-increasing and private equity investors are highly attracted to the market due to its strong performance.

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  • Financial Services Blog

    Our blog discusses trends affecting all areas of the Financial Services sector such as the insurance, wealth management, debt management and invoice discounting markets.

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