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  • Access and Security Clearview

    The market has been transformed by the emergence of electronic security solutions such as mobile access control systems, CCTV, infrared and x-ray equipment, telemetry, video surveillance, and biometrics.

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  • Multiples Heatmap Analysis Q1 2019

    In this quarter, the Multiples Heatmap focuses on trends seen in the TMT sector and the UK market.

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  • Engineering Clearview

    Consolidation in the market is being driven by a need to offer integrated project solutions, acquire scarce talent and broaden geographic presence.

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  • Quarterly Review Q4 18/19

    In the last quarter, at Clearwater International we completed 22 transactions. Healthcare was the busiest sector completing 5 deals, 4 of which were in the care services sub-sector advising specialist residential care service providers and specialist clinics across Europe.

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  • InsurTech Clearview

    Insurance companies are yet to fully capitalise on the advantages of technological innovation and digital strategies.

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  • Automotive Newsletter Q1 2019

    In Q1 2019, the number of deals in the Automotive sector decreased compared to Q4 2018, however, the total deal value increased by 27% to €1.9bn.

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  • Healthcare blog

    Clearwater International's regular commentary covering all areas of the healthcare sector.

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  • Consumer blog

    Our consumer blog discusses trends affecting the consumer sector.

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  • Smart Factories Clearview

    Smart factories are revolutionising the manufacturing industry as players overhaul their production systems. We look into intelligent manufacturing, servitisation and the increasing levels of M&A and investment.

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