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Knowledge and planning are key to delivering successful deals. Our clients have described what we do as good old-fashioned dealcraft, successfully aligning stakeholder needs and not being afraid of the complexity of getting a deal done.

At the same time our sector expertise is driven by a deep knowledge of these industries. Alongside our M&A capability this expertise is a powerful differentiator in the market and particularly valuable when investors are looking to enter a niche sector and ensure they are focusing on the right targets.

Felix Frohn Bernau, palero

Felix Frohn Bernau
“It is about Clearwater knowing what we are looking for in a deal, as we are specialist investors who invest opportunistically across a broad range of sectors.”

Matt Lyons, Vespa Capital

“There are two elements to sector expertise. There is not just the merit of having strong knowledge of sectors per se, but what is also important is having a specific understanding of private equity firms and what they are seeking to achieve. Although a lot of private equity firms may look and sound the same, there are often significant differences between them and it is important to understand those differences.

“Another element of Clearwater’s offering is its understanding of what actually makes owner managers tick. In looking for shareholder solutions Clearwater understands how these can come in a variety of guises. This means that the team can give good advice to shareholders and allows them to talk with confidence about what the options are, and what are the benefits of each.

“Clearwater also understands that its role is not only about serving its clients but also about getting the deal done. That means looking at pricing structures in a way that ensures you can broker a successful transaction.”

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