Interview: Isabel Coelho, Inter-Risco Private Equity

“Clearwater has a very good network here in Portugal so for us as a firm it is important we have that connection with Clearwater because it is very close to the market, not only to entrepreneurs but to private equity firms too. Clearwater can bring us good opportunities.

“I have more recently become aware of Clearwater’s international reach because I have started to access specific industry research they are carrying out. Clearwater covers markets which we are monitoring and are very interested in, and at the moment we have an opportunity where Clearwater is using its international connections. I have also seen evidence of Clearwater’s sector knowledge in other deals such as in the health industry.

Clearwater knows where the deals are.

“Although I have only worked with Clearwater for a few years the strongest observation I have seen so far is that Clearwater knows where the deals are.

"Here in Portugal the market is dominated by small, family owned businesses who are still very traditional in their outlook, and Clearwater’s approach to sourcing deals works very well in this particular market. Clearwater seems to be able to anticipate where the opportunities are.

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