Our heritage in private equity

Built up over many years we have an intimate understanding of private equity processes and the differences between houses in terms of their investment approach. Our extensive experience of working with leading players means we know exactly who to turn to when we have an opportunity.

Based on our knowledge of the market we can also cut through issues quickly and form a view on how processes are likely to unfold, creating value-add for private equity houses as they explore credible propositions for their investors.

Isabelle Coelho, Inter-Risco

Isabel Coelho
“Clearwater has very good connections and is very aware of how the wider private equity market is developing. It knows the deals that each private equity house is focusing on and the strategies of those different private equity houses.”

Richard Mayers, MML Capital

“The fact that Clearwater do so many deals with so many different private equity providers gives it a great insight into the market and is very useful, particularly on the sell-side. Using such a range of providers tells me that Clearwater is sharing opportunities around which is a good thing.

“What I like is that when there is an opportunity that fits a specific private equity house Clearwater will make the call to that particular house. As such it is doing what is right for the private equity firm and what is right for the management team.”

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