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ClearVision continues to evolve at Clearwater International

Clear Vision Dublin

The latest cross-country meeting of ClearVision, Clearwater International’s Women’s Network, took place in June in Dublin, following previous events in Paris and Barcelona.

the core focus for this meeting was how to engage with male colleagues to create inclusive workplaces

Attended by almost 50 partners and employees from Clearwater, the core focus for this meeting was how to engage with male colleagues to create inclusive workplaces, whilst accelerating performance and development through allyship – a subject that came out of discussions in Barcelona.

Encouraging these discussions was keynote speaker Daniele Fiandca, founder of Token Man Consulting and an inclusion and diversity specialist, who examined the importance of male colleagues leaning into inclusion and diversity. Following this, a breakout session enabled delegates to reflect on what they’d heard and look at their personal experiences.

Day two focused on questions with an all-male panel of senior Clearwater partners - Lars Rau Jacobson, Wesley Fell-Smith, and Sam Nolan - who actively champion the ethos of ClearVision and the importance of true male allyship. The panel discussed their personal experience of inclusion, understanding of challenges faced by women in the workplace today, views on I&D, and practical examples of male allyship.

Feedback on the event was extremely positive, with 100% of attendees maintaining they felt it was valuable and were returning to their local offices feeling enthused about the network.

Panel member Wesley commented on the discussions across the two days:

“I was so delighted to be invited to ClearVision in Dublin. It was an intense few days which were emotional, reflective, and very constructive. Inclusion is good for our whole team and business.”

Attendee and Managing Partner, Laurence de Rosamel, shared Wesley’s sentiment:

“These discussions also served to highlight the various challenges faced by women in this environment and to propose solutions to address them. The ClearVision network is therefore essential to achieving our objectives in terms of inclusion and diversity in the workplace, particularly in the M&A field.”

Clear Vision Dublin speech

Clearwater Co-Chair, Thomas Gaucher, added:

“The ClearVision network continues to be a key component in activating our I&D strategy. The network is now well established and has been transformational for many women in the business. This particular meeting and its topic of allyship was important to begin the shift amongst our male colleagues and is something we will be pursuing as a key step on our I&D journey.”

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