Our ESG and impact strategy

We are changemakers

Going Beyond - for our clients and for a better tomorrow

Through our new ESG & impact strategy, we are advancing and expanding the ways in which we deliver demonstrable and measurable change to people and planet.

As we take our corporate responsibility agenda to the next level, we are working hand in hand with our stakeholders to originate and execute targeted initiatives, to lead the ESG conversation within corporate finance and to forge partnerships that amplify our impact.

We are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to ensure that our actions are in sync with global efforts to combat inequality and climate change; the plans summarised below outline our bold vision for the future of our business.

Our four strategic pillars

The backbone of our ESG and impact strategy, these four strategic pillars define our areas of focus and embody the overarching vision of what we mean to achieve.


Taking tangible action to tackle today’s climate challenges.

As the global community makes a systematic shift towards a more sustainable, circular economy, we are likewise transforming the way we do business.

As ESG leaders within the corporate finance space, we are committed to carefully monitoring and managing our environmental impact as well as demonstrating responsiveness to climate-related risks and opportunities.

Ensuring the data we source is both accurate and practicable to support informed decision-making, we set our KPIs and targets with intention and purpose, while implementing the high quality tracking, reporting and accountability needed to ensure real progress.


Supporting every colleague to realise their potential.

We champion forward-thinking and inclusivity as we educate and energise others to follow their own unique pathways.

We understand that a purpose-driven workforce and inclusiveness at all levels spur collaboration and innovation. That’s why we put diversity, equity and inclusion at the heart of our business and are committed to helping our talent achieve continuous development.

Underpinned by transparency and clear articulation of ideas, we use effective messaging to inspire those within our immediate network, for a positive ‘ripple effect’ that extends far beyond our reach.


Working with select partners to bring our ESG framework to life and amplify our actions.

We leverage partnerships to magnify the positive difference we make to our clients, our talent, our community and wider stakeholders.

View our strategic partnerships here

For the intrinsic value of our organisation and for a legacy of lasting benefit, we believe in recognising and confronting barriers to social mobility and we support solutions that ensure fair access and elevated prospects in areas including education, health, technology and inclusivity.

Collaborating with non-profit organisations and charities makes us a more engaging business to work with and work for. And at the community level, our partnerships enable us to back vital programmes through fundraising, volunteering, mentoring and more.


Adopting an enterprising approach to ESG-integrated transaction advisory services.

We are changemakers with a bold vision for the future of corporate finance.

View our ESG Advisory service here

With sustainability and ESG integration becoming essential to corporate practice, Clearwater International has expanded the sector-based services we offer to companies and financial investors.

Utilising our proprietary ESG health check, Clearwater International delivers insights-driven support, for an optimised transaction lifecycle from beginning to end.

Embedding ESG to increase competitiveness, mitigating identified risks, providing enhanced positioning, we help our clients to create long-term value in a changing world.

Our strategy in brief

In order to catalyse and continually drive our ESG and impact agenda, we’ve established clear and concise action steps for each of our four pillars.


  • Reduce carbon footprint by 50.4% by 2032
  • KPI’s introduced for waste, printing and travel
  • Full review of procurement and introduction of Sustainable guidelines.


  • 45% female representation for roles Associate Director and below by 2026
  • Partners: double female representation from 6% to 12% ​by 2026
  • Directors: double female representation from 14%​ to 28% by 2026
  • Ethnic minority increase from 9% to 14% by 2026.


  • 3% of Profit philanthropy budget
  • Target - 100 volunteering days involving at least 75% of the team
  • Tracking and reporting on social value using SROI
  • Degree apprenticeship and scholarship program.


  • All clients to receive an ESG Health Check as part of core service
  • Further support to be provided to integrate and embed strategic ESG to maximise valuation prior to transaction.
Photo of Jo Daley Jo Daley - Director, Head of Impact

Responsible for leading all aspects of ESG, both corporate and client offer, Jo Daley Is passionate about working with entrepreneurial management teams and investors to understand their business and add value through enhanced ESG integration.

Prior to joining Clearwater, Jo led ESG and sustainability strategy development and implementation for large international corporate organisations with a focus on transition risk mitigation, commercial value generation and brand reputation positioning.

UKSIF Membership

Clearwater International is proud to be members of UKSIF, a leading non-profit organisation for sustainable and responsible finance in the UK.