Financial Modelling and Data Analysis

Designing and delivering financial models tailored to support key decision-making in your business.

Our experienced financial modelling team build bespoke tools to support business planning, forecasting and transactions.

  • Financial modelling - design and build a variety of financial models, providing confidence to all stakeholders involved
  • Model amendments and suitability reviews – adapt and advise on existing financial models to make them fit for purpose
  • Data analysis – combine, analyse, simplify, and visualise complex data from a variety of sources to provide insight and enable data-driven decision-making


The team offers a breadth of modelling solutions that are tailored to suit the individual needs of our clients:

  • Strategic planning models to evaluate business decisions
  • Corporate transactions modelling to assess the value and risks of specific M&A activities
  • Operational change modelling to test alternative strategies and quantify their impact
  • Corporate planning and budgeting analysis to support specific business decisions

We employ a collaborative approach in order to identify the key design and specification requirements of a model, while our review and refine approach aims to deliver a clear model that accurately reflects a client’s business. A detailed handover and training process provides a model that can be used well beyond any immediate business decision.

Why work with Clearwater International

It is crucial that any model reflects how a business operates, and as such our team prides itself on understanding our client’s business. We offer flexible, tailored solutions which truly reflect what drives the performance of our client’s business.

We combine our technical excellence and experience across a variety of sectors and situations with our tried-and-tested processes to develop robust, auditable and diligence suited models that are best-in-class.

It is vital that our clients are comfortable with the financial model and as such we also employ a collaborative approach, working with them closely throughout the whole process, from scoping and design through to model build and review.

Download our Financial Modelling and Data Analysis Guide here

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Our Financial Modelling and Data Analysis Team

Clearwater International provided us with a fantastic tool to help us with the financial planning of the business. In building the tool, Clearwater gained a good understanding of the business and with this knowledge built the tool with the variables needed to adapt it for different five-year projected scenarios.
Jeremy Maine, Head of Finance, The Fry Group

Our experienced financial modelling team build bespoke tools to support business planning, forecasting and transactions.

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