Clearwater International advises YER on the acquisition of Staffxperts and expands into Germany

Clearwater International has advised YER Global B.V. (YER), an international secondment and recruitment agency specialising in temporary and permanent positions for white-collar professionals, on its entry to the German market through its acquisition of Staffxperts GmbH (Staffxperts), a recruitment and engineering specialist in Germany, catering to both small and large customers in the renewable energy, chemistry, automotive, and plant construction sectors. This acquisition establishes YER as a future-focused innovator in the German market, aligning with its ambition to broaden its global reach.

As a dynamic international secondment and recruitment agency, YER brings its unique entrepreneurial mindset and its data-driven expertise platform to fuel continued growth for Staffxperts. Established in 2005 by founder Carsten Bornemann and with three locations across Germany, Staffxperts boasts a strong presence in the renewable energy sector, perfectly complementing YER’s focus on growth within the energy transition space. This synergy promises to enhance YER’s service offerings for both clients and candidates, particularly in industries pivotal to sustainable development.

The partnership is expected to yield a robust exchange of insights and best practices, fostering innovation, and driving further expansion and growth. With Staffxperts’ clientele primarily in the energy sector, YER is eager to strengthen its relevant position in the renewable energy area, leveraging its extensive network and resources to support both companies’ existing and future clients.

This acquisition opens up an exciting new chapter in YER’s journey. As YER continues to expand its footprint in Germany and abroad, this new partnership underscores its commitment to delivering exceptional value to both clients and candidates, while reinforcing its status as a thought leader in the secondment and recruitment industry. The collective expertise of YER and Staffxperts is set to establish a formidable presence in the German market, catalysing progress and innovation in alignment with YER’s strategic vision for the future.