Clearwater International advises Elevera Education Group on its sale to Formica Capital

Clearwater International has advised Elevera Education Group (EEG), one of Sweden’s leading providers of Higher Vocational Education (HVE), on its sale to Formica Capital.

EEG offer both on-site and digital education through four distinct institutes; Medieinstitutet, Stockholm School of Business, Travel Education Centre, and John Ericsson Institutet. The group has a strong track record of educating skilled and knowledgeable graduates, with a high employment rate.

Collaborating closely with over 1,000 companies, EEG ensures their strong input into the group’s education programmes and apprenticeships. Currently, around 3,000 students are enrolled on full-time programmes, specialising in communication, IT, tourism, business administration, construction, and real estate.

Formica Capital has acquired a majority stake in EEG, supporting the company in its future development through several well-identified initiatives to further strengthen EEG’s leading position in the Swedish HVE market.