Clearwater International advises BMA Ergonomics on its sale to ABN AMRO Participaties and management

Clearwater International has advised BMA Ergonomics, a market leading manufacturer of ergonomic office chairs, on its sale to the investment firm ABN AMRO Participaties and management. The remaining shares of ABN AMRO Participaties are held by Wadinko, a private equity firm, and the CEO. The new group of shareholders are committed to supporting the company’s expansion into international markets.

BMA Ergonomics is a market leading, knowledge driven manufacturer of ergonomic office chairs. The company markets around 80,000 chairs annually, with consistent annual growth of over 10% in recent years. Headquartered in Zwolle in the Netherlands, BMA Ergonomics employs approximately 100 full-time staff.

ABN AMRO Participaties operates as an investment subsidiary of ABN AMRO Capital, focusing on investing in medium-sized companies within the Netherlands.

Wadinko is a private equity firm, specialising in targeting small and medium-sized companies in the mid-Eastern part of the Netherlands.

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    Adviser to BMA Ergonomics on the sale to ABN AMRO Participaties and management

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