Clearwater International advises the shareholders of Cyb Stores Group on the sale of a minority stake in Socadif

Clearwater International has advised the shareholders of Cyb Stores Group (Cyb Stores) on the structure of a primary LBO transaction, sponsored by Socadif and its key managers, to accelerate its development both organically and through external growth.

Cyb Stores specialises in solar shading systems mainly for office spaces in the region of Paris , Brittany, Pays de Loire, and also in the Bordeaux and Nice areas where the Group has developed recently. Solar shading systems include interior and exterior blinds and all the equipment covering the management and control of energy costs in offices.

For almost ten years, Cyb Stores has had the desire to control the whole supply chain, from manufacturing to installation, the latter being carried out by the company’s means. The design office is also behind many inventions, which focus on improving and facilitating the adoption of the proposed solutions and on always delivering greater reliability and a custom-made service.

Through Technostor-LJM, its B2C subsidiary, Cyb Stores is also active in the individual customer market in the Grand-Ouest region of France in Brittany, Pays de Loire.

The shareholders’ ambition is to increase the Group’s revenue from €20m to over €35m in the next couple of years, by strengthening each of the historical activities and through a larger national coverage. The transaction also aims at including the top management in the capital to meet their expectation and confirm their implication in the group’s development.