Clearwater International advises Sengetid on the sale to SengeSpecialisten

Clearwater International has advised Sengetid, an online bed retailer, on the sale to SengeSpecialisten, a nationwide bed chain retailer in Denmark, owned by Lars Larsen Group.

Founded in 2017 by two entrepreneurs Nick Manhart Christensen and Nickolai Hyllested Dalvang, Sengetid has achieved large success in selling beds online in Denmark. Sengetid specialises in Nordic bed design and exclusively sell the bed brand Norhland, which is designed and produced in Denmark.

SengeSpecialisten was founded in 1999 and opened their first store in the city of Aarhus the same year. Since then, the company has grown into a chain of stores located all over Denmark and is driven by quality, professionalism, and guidance for customers, that prefer to buy his or her bed in a physical store. In 2014 Lars Larsen Group bought the majority of the shares in SengeSpecialisten.

Sengetids strong foothold as an online bed retailer complements the strong market position that SengeSpecialisten holds as a physical bed retailer. Simultaneously Sengetid obtains in SengeSpecialisten a partner with a profound understanding of the business while contributing to the ambitious goals for future growth.The founders of Sengetid both continue in the company in the new ownership with Nick Manhart Christensen as CEO and Nickolai Hyllested Dalvang as part of the board.