Clearwater International advises Fisiopharma, S.L on its sale to Laboratorios Rubió, S.A

Clearwater has advised Fisiopharma, S.L (Fisiopharma), a leader in the research, development and commercialisation of nutraceuticals, on its sale to Laboratorios Rubió, S.A (Laboratorios Rubió), a Spanish pharmaceutical company specialising in medicines for the areas of cardiovascular, rheumatology, urology, nephrology and central nervous system.

Founded in Guadalajara, Spain in 2016 by Javier Sánchez and Alberto Berti, Fisiopharma is a laboratory that specialises in the development and marketing of food supplements for sale in pharmacies with a focus on the locomotor system and the central nervous system. The company has experienced rapid growth in sales and profitability in recent years thanks to an agile and variable business structure.

Laboratorios Rubió was founded in 1968 by the brothers Salvador and Pelayo Rubió, pharmacists by profession, with the aim of marketing drugs that were not available in Spain at that time, as they were treatments for diseases of low prevalence. Laboratorios Rubió were pioneers in the introduction of important drugs with high added value that has led to a significant improvement in survival and quality of life of patients, such as a calcium polystyrene sulfonate preparation, a novel drug for the treatment of hyperkalemia or Rubifen, the first drug in Spain for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

The purchase of Fisiopharma will allow Laboratorios Rubió to enter the nutraceutical segment and gain access to products aimed at neuropathies of the central nervous system and muscle and joint tissue. For this year, the company expects to close with revenues of €73m. By 2022 the goal is to reach €92m in sales, according to the group.