Brandcare broadens its range with the purchase of Mistolin

Brandcare is an Iberian company operating in the home and personal care segments. It began its activity in December 2013, after closing the sale of several well-known brands - such as Cristasol, the leading glass-cleaning brand in Spain - to Colgate-Palmolive .

Brandcare is an investee company of Explorer Investments, the leading Portuguese private equity house.

Explorer hired Clearwater International to provide buy-side services to screen opportunities aimed at enlarging the portfolio of brands from Brandcare in the Iberian markets. As a result, in August 2015, Brandcare acquired the brand Mistolin in Portugal.

Mistolin is the leading grease removal cleaning brand in the Portuguese market and also offers a wide range of cleaners for the bathroom, kitchen, anti-lime, ammonia, dishwasher, etc. In particular, its presence in laundry detergents and softeners will allow Brandcare to enter these segments in which it was not present until now.