2017: Quarterly average multiples by region

Multiples Heatmap 2017 Review Region
  • These charts analyse the quarterly multiples by region for the year ending 31stDecember 2017.
  • The CEE region has seen its highest priced quarter yet in Q4 2017. This was mainly driven by a high multiple deal in the Industrials and Chemicals sector.
  • The second highest average multiple in the final quarter of 2017 was in the Nordic region, though the region has seen a decline in multiples through 2017 since its Q2 peak.
  • UK/Eire saw fluctuating multiples through the year with the biggest variance in multiples outside of CEE. However, the average over the year showed stability and multiples over the period in line with the prior year.
  • Benelux saw steady price deflation through the year with multiples decreasing from 11.8x in Q1 2017 to 9.2x in Q4 2017.
  • Q4 2017 average multiple in France increased slightly above the yearly average. However, the annual average multiple remained stable at 2016 levels.
  • Average price paid by PE in the DACH region fell below 10x for the first time since Q2 2016. However, high prices during the first three quarters of 2017 caused the annual average multiple to increase significantly to 10.5x.
  • Price deflation in the Southern region ended in Q4 2017 following four consecutive quarters of decreasing prices.
Multiples Heatmap 2017 Review Quarterly Region
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