Clearwater International advises SMB on its partnership with Hasko Invest

Clearwater International has advised SMB, one of Sweden's leading providers of commercial cleaning products, on its partnership with the investment company, Hasko Invest.

SMB has achieved tremendous success by establishing three strong brands that, when combined with external counterparts, offer an unparalleled value proposition. The company’s commitment to innovation and streamlined operations has allowed it to maintain a profitable business model, while delivering significant cost savings to its customers and promoting sustainability within the industry.

In the autumn of 2022, as part of a process led by Clearwater, the owner of SMB made a strategic decision to form a partnership with Hasko Invest. The new partner is poised to contribute significant resources and through its extensive experience in growth, offer vital support for SMB's ambitious geographical expansion plans. The current owner will retain ownership and, in partnership with Hasko Invest, will continue to nurture the development and growth of the business.