Clearwater International advises Textile Recycling International on refinance in second deal with Waterland Private Equity

Clearwater International UK has provided debt advisory and M&A services to Waterland Private Equity, raising acquisition finance for the merger of Textile Recycling International (TRI) with Nathan’s Wastesavers (NWS) and Cookstown Textile Recyclers (CTR). The three groups operate in separate streams of the supply chain in the reclamation, processing and export of used clothing and shoes.

In England, TRI is the holding company for JMP Wilcox, which operates in the household waste recycling centres (HWRC) arena, and Bag It Up, which focuses on charity textile bank collections.

NWS and CTR operate in Scotland and Ireland respectively focusing predominantly on collections from charity shops and textile banks. In addition to the inherent sustainability and waste benefits that the companies offer, partnering with not-for-profit organisations provides these charities with long term, sustainable funding.

This is the second transaction that Clearwater International has completed with Waterland Private Equity in 2018, with the German debt team advising on the structuring of acquisition financing for the merger of Within Reach Group and Swyx Solutions to form a leading EU unified communications player.

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