Clearwater International advises Etex on its acquisition of Sigmat

Clearwater International has advised Etex, a global leader in sustainable lightweight building solutions, on its acquisition of Sigmat, a UK market leader in light gauge steel framing (LGSF).

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Zaventem, Belgium, Etex is a global building solutions innovator and pioneer in lightweight construction. Etex is a family-owned company with more than 11,000 employees globally. It operates more than 110 production sites in 42 countries and recorded a revenue of €2.6bn and a REBITDA of €484m in 2020.

Since its founding in 2001, Sigmat has rapidly grown into a leading European manufacturer of cold-rolled steel components and panelised structural steel frames. The business is headquartered in Skipton, near Leeds, which includes a 100,00 sq ft factory and dedicated workforce of c.260 people. Sigmat is known as a leading provider of LGSF in the UK, as well as one of the country’s first fully integrated offsite construction companies, offering design, engineering, manufacturing, assembly, and installation services to its customers.

Sigmat has a strong focus on sustainability, as LGSF technology is one of the most sustainable construction methods on the planet. By harnessing the power of recyclable steel combined with world class design, Sigmat builds structures that have minimum impact on the environment.

Etex’s vision is to be at the forefront of the industrial, digital and sustainable transformation of the construction industry, particularly in the area of offsite building solutions. In 2020, Etex launched the New Ways division and realised several acquisitions in Europe and Latin America in this direction. Those efforts are reinforced with the acquisition of Sigmat in the UK.

By acquiring Sigmat, Etex’s New Ways division expands its LGSF and offsite solutions footprint in the UK. This strategic acquisition, together with Etex’s existing UK-based EOS business, not only firmly puts the division as a major force in the LGSF market in the country, but it also further strengthens its position to capture new opportunities in several construction market segments in the UK.

Sigmat’s experienced management team will remain on board as part of New Ways, bringing in valuable expertise, market intelligence and business insights. This will allow the Etex division to fine-tune and consolidate its organisational structure in the UK.