Clearwater International advises Texere Publishing on its sale to BroadcastMed

Clearwater International has advised Texere Publishing (Texere), a UK-based esteemed leader providing B2B media services to healthcare and scientific audiences in the UK, Europe and the US, on its cross-border sale to US-based BroadcastMed, one of the world’s foremost innovators in healthcare media.

This strategic investment is backed by Massachusetts-based, 424 Capital, BroadcastMed’s growth capital partner, and provides an exit for Texere’s investors Mercia and AXM Venture Capital, both of which invested in Texere in 2012, from the North West Fund.

Located in Knutsford, Cheshire, in one of the strongest science and pharma services clusters in the UK, Texere is dedicated to serving professionals in the scientific and healthcare markets with the most engaging content.

The company transforms complex subject matter into accessible but high-quality content that connects traditionally disparate communities and regions of the globe. Texere’s peerless content is framed with modern, eye-catching design and paired with proven distribution channels to highly educated, intellectually curious and commercially valuable audiences. In every industry and market the company enters, its goal is to become the voice of note, crafting brands that are truly trusted by both audiences and customers.

With this acquisition, BroadcastMed elevates its total reach to over 3m healthcare professionals across 16 adult specialties and ten pediatric specialties. Its dedication to providing physicians and allied healthcare professionals with unparalleled educational content aligns seamlessly with Texere's commitment to reporting on the latest research, societal impact, professional development, career, and business issues and celebrating each field.

Texere's comprehensive coverage caters to professionals in key sectors of science, technology, and medicine, fostering a sense of community while serving as a primary content source. This shared vision between BroadcastMed and Texere aims to improve patient outcomes through industry-leading clinical content.

This acquisition furthers BroadcastMed's remarkable growth trajectory, as the company continues to expand the global conversation on healthcare. By engaging a broad spectrum of healthcare constituents and leveraging valuable insights, BroadcastMed enhances its ability to generate better outcomes for the healthcare community.