Clearwater International Denmark advises Idé-Pro on its investment from Blue Equity

Clearwater International has advised Idé-Pro, a leading digital manufacturer of functional prototypes and on-demand production servicing the automotive, food and HVAC industry, on its investment from Blue Equity.

Idé-Pro has, in the last 20 years, established a leading market position through continuous investments in digitalising the front-end, while ensuring a highly flexible manufacturing set-up. This has allowed the company to secure an impressive and loyal customer base which includes international and renowned businesses such as Bosch, 3M, Porsche, Scania, Vestas, Skov, Vican and Volvo.

Ide-Pró handles the end-to-end value chain from CAD/CAM programming, initial tool design, design for manufacturing, through to production of tools and parts, packaging and logistics. The setup has a fully digitalised front-end and production with an integrated software platform between the facilities in both Denmark and India, with 125 and 50 employees respectively, which allows for rapid response and delivery. The organisation possesses unmatched tooling capabilities, with extensive knowledge on plastic, light metals and EPP/EPS materials.

Blue Equity are a good fit for Idé-Pro as share common values and approach, establishing a foundation for a strong partnership with positive prospects. Morten Nors, CEO of Idé-Pro, and Blue Equity now each hold 50% of the shares in Idé-Pro.