Clearwater International advises Storskogen on its sale of three electrical installation companies to Sandbäckens

Clearwater International has advised Storskogen on its sale of EVIAB Gruppen, along with El & Projektering Vetlanda, and Växjö Elmontage, leading players in electrical installations, to Sandbäckens. This transaction marks a full exit for Storskogen.

EVIAB Gruppen comprises El-Profilen i Örebro, VVS Profilen i Örebro, Säkerhetsprofilen i Örebro, and EVIAB Teknik. These businesses focus on providing installation services to both companies and private individuals, ranging from construction projects to ongoing maintenance and service work for property owners. With a workforce of 80, EVIAB Gruppen achieves a turnover of around €17m (SEK 200m).

Växjö Elmontage, along with its subsidiary EnergiStyret i Kronoberg, carry out service work and projects within electrical installation, as well as services within steering and monitoring technology. Operating in Växjö and the surrounding area, its customers include B2B clients, industrial entities, county councils, municipalities, and private individuals. With a workforce of nearly 60, the companies have a turnover exceeding €8m (SEK 100m).

El & Projektering Vetlanda works with industrials, B2B clients, and private individuals to carry out projects and services within electrical installation, solar cell installations, installation of fibre, alarms, telecommunications, and data networks. The company also offers the installation and servicing of heat pumps and cooling systems. With a team of approximately 45 employees, El & Projektering Vetlanda achieves a turnover of around €8m (SEK 100m).

Sandbäckens Group is the Swedish operation and part of the Nordic installation group Nimlas, which in a few years has grown from approximately €125m (SEK 1.5bn) to just over €595m (SEK 7bn) in turnover. KLAR Partners is the majority shareholder in Nimlas. The acquisition is in line with Sandbäckens 5-50-500 strategy: €425m (SEK 5bn) in turnover, 50 new companies, and €45m (SEK 500m) in profit. Sandbäckens plans to grow strongly in the electricity segment in the coming years, with the goal of €85m (SEK 1bn) in turnover.