Clearwater International advises Sagesse Retraite Santé (SRS) on €75m fundraising

Clearwater International has supported SRS in developing its position as a major global and French healthcare player by raising significant capital from Arkéa Capital, Bpifrance and Macif.

SRS is a family owned business specialising in the healthcare sector. The company combines its business expertise with financial investors, and collaborates with them to support the rapid growth of portfolio companies. Its portfolio is spread across the entire medical-social care area of helping vulnerable people (including elderly disability and illness).

Currently, SRS is a shareholder in a number of companies with total sales of nearly €2.5 billion and 50,000 employees, including DomusVi and Arenadour – both deals in which Clearwater International was involved - Almaviva Santé, Elivia and Sedna.

Through this transaction, SRS will strengthen its proposition as a major and recognised player in the private health care and medical-social care sectors in France. The business also continues to have a growing presence in Europe, North America and Latin America.