Clearwater International advises Kreavita on its sale to Læringsverkstedet

Clearwater International has advised Kreativa on its sale to Læringsverkstedet.

Through the sale, Læringsverkstedet has acquired privately owned school group Kreativa who runs Norrvikens Skola, Norra Strandskolan, Flottiljens Skola and Förskola, Capellaskolan and Täby Park Förskola. The acquisition is in line with Læringsverkstedet’s long term growth strategy and ambition to develop and operate the best pre-schools and schools in Europe, where all children are seen and are made to feel valuable.

Kreativa is a well-regarded group that operates six pre-schools and schools in the Stockholm region. Since 2008, Kreativa has successfully operated high quality, inclusive and result oriented schools, with an overall objective to provide world class education. The previous owners have also created a highly-rated catering business with a focus on tasty and nutritious food, contributing to the health, creativity and motivation of the children.

Kreativa’s turnover in 2018 was approximately €14.6m (SEK 150m). There are nearly 900 children and 200 employees within the organisation.

Læringsverkstedet is Norway’s largest privately owned pre-school group and the only nationwide group in Norway that is owned by two teachers. The organisation has close to 6,500 employees, 25,000 children spread over 200 pre-schools in Norway, 70 pre-schools and schools in Sweden. Since Læringsverkstedet made its first acquisition in Sweden in August 2018, several businesses have been acquired: Helianthus, Inspira, Palmlunds, Kubikskolan, Fyrklövern and Kreavita. Together, these will operate under the name DIBBER in Sweden.