Clearwater International advises CetteFamille on its fundraising from La France Mutualiste and Crédit Agricole Normandie to develop a new accommodation model for older people in France

Clearwater International has advised CetteFamille, a social and solidarity enterprise which promotes and develops suitable accommodation for older people, on raising growth capital from two long-term investors. Namely, Crédit Agricole Normandie and La France Mutualiste, which becomes the new reference shareholder.

CetteFamille was founded in 2017, with the ambition of creating alternatives to nursing homes, while supporting the lives of the elderly and their families within innovative accommodation solutions. By 2026 the aim is to build 500 houses, creating 3,500 jobs.

CetteFamille promotes an original model of shared homes for older people, focused on general well-being, roommate support and life assistants. The idea is to offer innovative accommodation solutions, improving the lives of the elderly and their families, with 24-hour onsite support available if needed.

In 2021 an acceleration phase began for the company, setting up its own shared houses in the heart of city and town centres. The 20 houses that have opened in five different regions since April last year, alongside 40 additional houses that are being renovated and due to open soon, have made it possible to validate the attractiveness of this model for residents, their families, local communities, and the life assistants who work there.

The main feature of this model lies in the autonomy of each house, where roommates decide on their daily life, including schedules, menus, house organisation, activities, and space allocation. The residents can also choose to recruit staff to support them in their homes, accompanied by CetteFamille, which organises life in the shared household. These small residential formats can fit perfectly into all areas, even the most rural, where CetteFamille renovate old houses and install shared vegetable gardens, for example.