Clearwater International advises Byggnadstekniska Byrån on its sale to Sitowise

Clearwater International has advised consultancy firm Byggnadsteknisk Byrå on its sale to Sitowise.

Byggnadstekniska Byrån is a market leading consultancy firm within the building industry, specialising in construction and geotechnics with a focus on professional buildings. In 2018, the company had a turnover of €15.6m (SEK 160m) and approximately 140 employees distributed among 4 offices including Stockholm, Gothenburg, Uppsala and Jönköping.

Sitowise is a consultancy company, which will employ nearly 1,700 people following the acquisition. The group offers its customers a comprehensive service offering within planning, expertise and digital services for urban areas, and is one of the leading construction planning and consultancy companies in Finland. The company also does business in Norway, the Baltic countries and Poland.