Clearwater International advises LDC and management on the sale of ChargePoint Technology to Arcline Investment Management

Clearwater International has advised leading mid-market private equity firm LDC and management on the sale of specialist manufacturer ChargePoint Technology (ChargePoint) to US private equity firm Arcline Investment Management (Arcline). The deal marks an exit for LDC following a successful four-year partnership.

Headquartered in Liverpool, ChargePoint manufactures and delivers enhanced sterile and containment process solutions to companies across Europe, Asia and North America. Its patented technology is used by the world’s top 50 global pharmaceutical manufacturers and helps transfer highly potent and sterile powders, reliably and safely within advanced manufacturing facilities.

LDC first backed ChargePoint CEO Chris Eccles in 2017 in a transaction led by Clearwater International, providing investment to help the business capitalise on growing international demand for its products.

The sale follows a four-year partnership that saw ChargePoint develop new products and pursue a successful international expansion strategy, accelerating global sales of its highly technical and innovative containment solutions. During its four-year partnership with LDC, ChargePoint increased revenues approximately 30 per cent.

Working with Arcline, ChargePoint will be able to further accelerate its product development pipeline, to empower it to deliver enhanced sterile and contained process solutions, as well as new innovations and technology platforms, to market faster than ever before.