Clearwater International advises the shareholders of CRP, IMACAM and I-SERIS, on their joint project to create Imaneo in association with Parquest

Clearwater International has advised the shareholders of prominent medical imaging groups CRP, IMACAM, and I-SERIS, on the collaborative project to establish Imaneo in association with Parquest, a French investment fund specialising in business development support, with extensive experience in healthcare services.

Imaneo is the result of the merger between three medical imaging groups based in Montpellier, CRP, IMACAM, and I-SERIS. This newly formed entity brings together 70 radiologists, who are all shareholders in the group. With 28 medical imaging devices, including MREs, scanners, and MRIs, Imaneo is located in 19 centres and serves over 800,000 patients annually. The group is now the leader in radiology in the Occitanie region, ranking among the top medical imaging groups in France.

Benefiting from the collective strength of the group, Imaneo's radiologists aim to accelerate their growth by sustaining the development of a medical offer of excellence, pursuing an innovation strategy for their ecosystem, and bolstering employee support through high-quality training. An experienced management team has been recruited to facilitate the operational implementation of the group.

This transaction will provide Imaneo with a new impetus for growth, leveraging Parquest's support and expertise in addressing current radiology challenges, while anticipating future ones. Together, Parquest and Imaneo aim to consolidate other radiologist structures in the future, improving the quality and accessibility of medical imaging services, throughout France.