27/11/2023 - News

ClearVision host its second international meeting of the year in Amsterdam

Clear Vision Amsterdam

Clearwater International’s Women’s Network, ClearVision, met in Amsterdam in early November, to continue networking and mentoring, enable change through allyship, and address self and career development.

Both days were fully interactive, combining a mixture of talks and breakout groups, allowing everyone to have a voice

The two-day event benefitted from guest speakers across both days. Firstly, having facilitated at a previous ClearVision event, Daniele Fiandaca returned to oversee ‘Business Change and Cultural Evolution’ on day one. Keynote speaker Vivian Acquah presided over day two to discuss ‘Your authentic brand – self and career development’. Drawing on insights from successful women leaders and branding experts, the aim of Vivian’s session was to equip attendees with the knowledge and confidence to shape their own narrative, stand out in their field, and accelerate their career trajectory.

Both days were fully interactive, combining a mixture of talks and breakout groups, allowing everyone to have a voice and contribute to the overall outputs of the meeting. Again, continuing the practice of the previous meeting in Dublin, five male champions attended on day one, to add to proceedings.

The overall purpose of ClearVision is to be a collective voice of influence to help drive change and advance our inclusion & diversity. Over 90% of attendees confirmed that this event was a valuable use of time and resource, and more sessions across Europe are already planned for next year.

Participating in ClearVision for the first time, Dan Crocker, International Marketing Manager, commented:

“When I was asked to attend the recent ClearVision workshop in Amsterdam, I didn’t hesitate in saying ‘yes’. It felt like a real privilege to join as an ally and it would be very beneficial for more men to attend, from all levels within the business. I was genuinely surprised by some of the things I heard, and these points that were made should be heard by as many male employees as possible.”

Attendee and Managing Partner, Laurence de Rosamel, added:

Clear Vision Amsterdam conference 2023

“It was a pleasure to host our exceptional ClearVision members for our fourth conference where we were again able to understand, share, and improve both as a group and individually, with the inspiration and drive from Daniele Fiandaca and Vivian Acquah. I am also thankful for our male colleagues who attended the event to learn how to become better allies. I look forward to the next conference where we plan to morph ClearVision from an all-female group into a wider inclusion group. Please stay tuned for more!”

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