Clearwater International advises Vklass on its sale to Visma

Clearwater International has advised Vklass, a leading Swedish school administration SaaS platform, on its sale to Visma, a prominent supplier of business-critical cloud software in northern Europe.

Vklass streamlines essential school processes, including attendance management and grading, and integrates them with various modern web services for the education sector. Founded in 2007, the company has grown to become Sweden’s largest learning platform, used by schools throughout the country, with over 400,000 active user accounts.

Specialising in business software and information technology-related development and consultancy, Visma delivers software to small businesses, medium and large enterprises, as well as the public sector. With a workforce of 14,500 employees and 1.6 million customers in Europe and Latin America, the company reported a turnover of €2.06bn in 2022.

Together with Visma, Vklass is now enhancing its safety protocols by leveraging expertise within the Visma Group.