Connecting you to opportunity

  • Clearwater has a big spread, is well co-ordinated, and has growing market share. Since the Version 1 deal we have also tapped into Clearwater’s global presence and wider connections as we pursue a buy-and-build strategy for Version 1.

    Our clients are increasingly global in their outlook and so are we. With our clients increasingly operating on a global scale we need the capability to deliver our world-class service offering wherever they may be.

  • Connecting you to opportunity

    We have built unrivalled connections based on introductions, and the invaluable access we can give investors and companies alike to the companies with whom they need to do business.

  • Sharing our knowledge

    Knowledge and planning are key to delivering successful deals. Our clients have described what we do as good old-fashioned dealcraft, successfully aligning stakeholder needs and not being afraid of the complexity of getting a deal done.

  • Our heritage in private equity

    Built up over many years we have an intimate understanding of private equity processes and the differences between houses in terms of their investment approach. Our extensive experience of working with leading players means we know exactly who to turn to when we have an opportunity.

  • “Our relationship with Clearwater will continue to grow, it’s based on firm foundations and at the moment we are mirroring each other with international growth.”

    “Clearwater’s debt advisory services are really valuable for private equity, particularly as the lending market has become more complex, and we have called on those services many times. It is a great product for us."

  • Erick Rinner, Milestone Investisseurs

    “I have known some of the Clearwater partners for many years and, in particular, have a close relationship with Philippe who is a trusted partner and someone I value considerably and whose judgement I trust."

  • Alberto Curto, Corpfin Capital

    “Having previously worked in investment banking I know exactly what good investment banking looks like, and I see it in my dealings with Clearwater. Clearwater’s Spanish team have worked together for many years and we have been working with them on specific deals for around the last five years.

  • Goetz Hertz-Eichenrode, HANNOVER Finanz

    “Clearwater has the ability to find the best international buyers. On the sell-side this is particularly important as it is crucial for vendors to show international reach.”

  • Felix Frohn-Bernau, palero

    “It is about Clearwater knowing what we are looking for in a deal, as we are specialist investors who invest opportunistically across a broad range of sectors.”

  • Matt Lyons, Vespa Capital

    There are two elements to sector expertise. There is not just the merit of having strong knowledge of sectors per se, but what is also important is having a specific understanding of private equity firms and what they are seeking to achieve.

  • Isabel Coelho, Inter-Risco Private Equity

    “Clearwater has very good connections and is very aware of how the wider private equity market is developing. It knows the deals that each private equity house is focusing on and the strategies of those different private equity houses.”