Clearwater International France advises SRS on the opening of its capital to CDC IC and Mubadala as a minority shareholder

Clearwater International France has advised SRS on the opening of its capital to CDC IC and Mubadala as a minority shareholder.

Within the context of the acquisition of DomusVi alongside ICG, Sagesse Retraite Santé ("SRS") the investment vehicle controlled by Yves Journel, has opened the capital of its acquisition holding to FEF, an investment fund consisting of CDC International Capital and Mubadala, a sovereign fund of Abu Dhabi.

Created in 1983 by Yves Journel, SRS is a key player in the health and social care sectors in France with a growing presence in North America, Europe and Asia. To reinforce its position as a long term industrial investor alongside DomusVi, SRS has decided to open its capital to a partner. FEF entered as a minority shareholder in SRS’s holding dedicated to DomusVi.

Clearwater International has accompanied SRS in the search and selection of a minority shareholder with significant financial capacities who might be able to contribute to future projects in DomusVi’s development.

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    Adviser to SRS on its sale of a minority stake to CDC IC, Mubadala

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