Clearwater International advises Stenbolaget on its sale to Equip Capital

Clearwater International has advised Stenbolaget, one of the largest building products retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers in Sweden, on its sale to Equip Capital.

Stenbolaget is a fast-growing and disruptive retailer, wholesaler, and manufacturer of stone products for both indoor and outdoor building use. With a strong focus on technology and a fully integrated business model, the company has established itself as an innovative leader in the otherwise traditional stone industry. The company employs a team of around 120 people across a network of sales hubs and showrooms in Sweden, alongside its own established modern production facility in Turkey, which helps Stenbolaget serve its broad base of both professional and private customers.

Equip Capital has become the majority shareholder of Stenbolaget, following a process led by Clearwater International. The owners opted to partner with Equip and reinvested alongside them, retaining significant ownership going forward. Together with Equip, Stenbolaget is now set to continue its expansion.