Clearwater International advises Provator on its sale of ARAT Group to Storskgen

Clearwater International has advised Provator on its sale of ARAT Group to Storskogen.

Storskogen has acquired ARAT Group, along with its subsidiaries ALMAB, Renholmen and Arivislanda, from the investment company Provator and a number of minority owners.

ARAT Group delivers technical equipment for sawmills and the wood finishing industry through three different well-known brands. The three companies are operated separately, and together employs 100 people with a combined turnover of €29.2m (SEK 300m). The group has a strong distribution network and presence in Northern Europe and has built an impressive ongoing project-pipeline. The companies will still be operated separately but will form part of the same ownership structure.

Storskogen is an industrial and commercial group that owns 28 Swedish companies with a combined turnover of more than €390m (SEK 4b). Storskogen is a stable long-term owner that plans to grow organically through acquisitions.