Clearwater International advises INFOS on its investment from Iberis Capital

Clearwater International has advised the shareholders of INFOS on the process of securing a significant capital increase from private equity firm Iberis Capital.

INFOS is a Portuguese based software company specialised in developing, licensing, implementing and providing maintenance services for on-premise ERP solutions. The company has extensive experience in developing vertical software solutions for markets such as the textile, apparel and footwear sectors.

Iberis Capital is a Portuguese private equity firm that operates a value-oriented investment philosophy to event-driven situations, across the capital structure, with a core focus on small and mid-cap opportunities. This operation represents the firm’s fifth investment.

This investment will contribute to diversify INFOS’ current business lines and support the company’s ambitious growth objectives, by creating a suite of INFOS software adapted to the newest market trends (such as SaaS and cloud solutions) and developing new high value-added products in areas such as AI based industrial automation.