Clearwater International advises Fractal Design on its sale to Litorina

Clearwater International has advised Fractal Design, a leading Swedish player in the development and distribution of casing, fans, cooling systems and power supplies on its sale to Litorina.

Fractal Design’s customers are PC-gamers, a rapidly growing market where buyers often have high technical demands. The market for PC-hardware aimed at advanced customers is expected to grow 7-10%annually in the coming years and has already reached a market size of around €17bn ($18b). Fractal Design has a turnover of €28,2m (SKr 275m) and sells approximately 400,000 casing units annually to more than 40 markets. By continuously delivering high-quality products with high technical standards, Fractal Design has received favourable reviews from customers as well as professional critics worldwide.

As a step in realising the next phase of the company’s journey, private equity firm Litorina has invested in the company.