Clearwater International advises C2IT Group on its sale of C2IT Infrastructure to IT Relation

Clearwater International has advised C2IT Infrastructure A/S (C2IT infrastructure), the hosting division of the C2IT Group, on its sale to IT Relation, a leading supplier of IT outsourcing services. C2IT Infrastructure will be merged with Mentor IT (a subsidiary of IT Relation), as the two companies provide services to similar customer bases and geographic locations.

C2IT Infrastructure is part of the C2IT Group, which offers a widespread of IT solutions. The company’s mission is to supply its clients with the best suited IT products and ensure that the clients receive a simple, tailored and ready-to-use product.

IT Relation is a leading supplier of IT outsourcing services. The company has a strong platform with two business units focusing on managed services and solutions respectively. IT Relation has over 500 employees and supports more than 75,000 users in 55 countries.