Clearwater International advises Brands4Kids on its sale to Standard Investment

Clearwater International has advised children’s clothing company Brands4Kids on its sale to Dutch private equity firm, Standard Investment.

Brands4Kids is a multi-brand house with eight well-known children’s clothing brands encompassing the ‘basic’, fashion’, and ‘outdoor’ categories which the company sells to children’s clothing retailers both within and outside of Denmark. Brands4Kids serves its clients with a wide and complete selection of brands and products that have a broad focus on sustainability through, amongst other things, various certifications.

The company was founded in 2006 with the first brand being Pipi Baby Wear, a well-known baby clothing brand developed back in 1946. Brands4Kids is an internationally recognised company in the children’s clothing industry, selling branded products across Europe, North America, and Asia. The company has doubled its revenue since 2017 to €43m (DKK 320m) in 2021, with an expected revenue to exceed €47m (DKK 350m) in 2022.

Brands4Kids has had great success with the acquisition of other brands and has successfully integrated them into the existing portfolio of brands. The company is expected to continue this strategy with its new partner, Standard Investment, that has a proven track record of adapting companies to international markets and strengthening their global growth journeys. Brands4Kids’ founders, CEO Erik Andreæ and CCO Michael Nederby, will continue as shareholders and part of the management team in the new collaboration with Standard Investment.