Clearwater International advises AURELIUS on the sale of Hammerl to BACHL

Clearwater International has advised AURELIUS Equity Opportunities SE & Co. KGaA (AURELIUS) on the sale of Hammerl GmbH (Hammerl), a leading manufacturer of blown film products in Germany, to BACHL Unternehmensgruppe (BACHL).

Hammerl, founded in 1956 and headquartered in Gemmrigheim, Germany, has been a pioneer in blown film production since 1977. Its products are used in civil engineering, structural engineering and construction, renovation, gardening and landscaping, among others. Hammerl is the only company in the German market to cover the entire product range consisting of construction films, special films, dimpled mats, and vapour barrier films. The products, which are "Made in Germany" are mainly supplied to wholesalers under their own brand. The Hammerl brand has built a strong reputation, is part of the leading industry players, offers exceptional level of expertise, and maintains a reliable and large customer base with recurring order cycles. Hammerl also operates a production facility in Germany with its own recycling plant, enabling the manufacture of sustainable and resource-efficient products.

BACHL was founded in 1926 in Deching near Röhrnbach in the Bavarian Forest, Germany. Following the initial production of bricks, a steady upward trend led to an expanded range of products and services for the construction sector. The small brickyard has since developed into a group of companies with over 2,800 employees in Germany and abroad. In addition to the German production sites, plants and trading subsidiaries now operate in Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania and Croatia.

In addition to the large company field of insulation and plastics processing, as well as the areas of building materials, construction elements and precast concrete production, the construction sector with the divisions of structural and civil engineering, road construction, Future House and turnkey industrial and commercial construction still plays a major role in the BACHL group of companies.

AURELIUS is a pan-European alternative investment firm with offices in London, Luxembourg, Munich, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Madrid, Milan and Dusseldorf. AURELIUS has extensive operational expertise and experience and is therefore enabled to accelerate the value creation process in its portfolio companies. Key investment platforms are the AURELIUS European Opportunities IV Fund and the exchange-traded AURELIUS Equity Opportunities SE & Co. KGaA, which acquire group spin-offs and companies with development potential in the midmarket sector. The core element of the investment strategy is the growth of the portfolio companies with a team of almost 100 in-house operational taskforce experts. In addition, AURELIUS is active in the business areas of growth capital, real estate, and alternative forms of financing.

Hammerl had been part of the AURELIUS portfolio since 2016 and was successfully further developed through close operational support. BACHL itself is an established film producer operating throughout Europe and can use Hammerl's expertise on its own further growth path. The acquisition not only expands BACHL’s portfolio but also strengthens the market position as one of the leading manufacturers of films for construction applications.

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