Clearwater International advises Altada Technology Solutions on its $11.5 million funding round

Clearwater International has advised Altada Technology Solutions (Altada), a rapidly growing global artificial intelligence (AI) platform solution provider creating operational transformation through cutting-edge AI, on an $11.5m (c. €10m) funding round led by Rocktop Partners alongside Elkstone Partners and Enterprise Ireland.

With offices across the U.S. and Europe, Altada is focused on building upon its work in the financial services sector and responding to a rapidly increasing demand for AI solutions in healthcare, security, and travel. This new infusion of capital will support the hiring of over 100 new employees across Altada’s global offices in the areas of quantum computing, engineering, data science, product development, blockchain engineering, and cloud platform management, among others.

Diversity, privacy-by-design and AI applications across sectors are the bedrock of Altada’s work. The Company uses its AI platform to embed effective AI at the heart of organisations. Its solutions reduce processing costs, create new levels of efficiency, optimise existing resource allocation and help generate and deliver alpha. Altada has successfully driven its clients’ automation, data-driven decision making, enabled scale and has increased profitability through AI.

In the last year, the Company has opened offices in New York, San Francisco, Dublin, Malta and Barcelona and has plans to expand to Austin, Delhi, and in the APAC region in the near future.

Clearwater International will be advising on a larger funding round in Q2 2022, in order to fund the further expansion of the team, research and development, and strategic acquisitions.