Stine Asferg Scheel

  • Marketing Student Assistant
Photo of Stine Asferg Scheel


I joined Clearwater International in December 2018. Prior to my employment with Clearwater, I have experience of working with a variety of marketing activities both professionally and as a volunteer. Besides working at Clearwater, I am currently pursuing a master in Corporate Communication from Aarhus School of Business and Social Sciences.

My experience has provided me with valuable knowledge of social media management, content marketing, event management, and public and stakeholder relations along with a focus on the visual aspects of marketing.

These qualifications help me fill my role as a student assistant in the marketing team, where I focus on all marketing efforts within the company. Through my job with Clearwater International, I hope to improve my qualifications by being an active part of both the local and international marketing teams. I take pride in being part of a company where team spirit is essential, and the environment encourages both professional discussions and private conversations.