Louise Kamilla Normann

  • Associate Director
Photo of Louise Kamilla Normann


I am an Associate Director in the Copenhagen office which I joined in 2015. Joining the Clearwater International team as a full-time professional directly from University means that I have and am being trained specifically in M&A and in the Clearwater way of working.

As a member of the business services team, I have been working on a number of deals in the sector, but have nonetheless also had high exposure to an array of our other sectors during my time at the company.

During my time with Clearwater, I’ve had the opportunity to meet with many businesses and even more people, all different from one another. This everyday diversity, reflected also in the multitude of projects I work on and the diversity of people I work with, is really what makes working within M&A and at Clearwater so enjoyable. Furthermore, the strong collegial support, both domestic and internationally, helps and motivates me to always perform my best and ensures that our clients get the best support possible in their journey of selling or buying a business.

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