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I lead our international financial services sector team, a role I have held since I joined Clearwater International in 2015. I have worked around the financial services sector for many years and I continue to be enthralled by the way it constantly innovates. I particularly enjoy the challenge of keeping up with the market as it develops!

Over the last 18 years, I have been lucky enough to complete well over 100 transactions, many of which have been private equity sponsored. It is always satisfying to see a client go on to build a much larger business and then for them to crystallise its value. I’m fascinated to work with these clients, often over multiple transactions.

During my career, I’ve advised on a number of standout transactions including Nexus Underwriting, One Life, MoneyFarm, Moorhouse and ITM. I am also lucky enough to have worked on a number of cross-border transactions, selling to buyers in the US, France, Luxembourg, Germany and China.

I have worked in the corporate finance industry for nearly 20 years, including 10 years at BDO where I led the financial services M&A team. I also worked at Ford Campbell and PwC.

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