Daniela Casanova

  • Analyst
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I first joined Clearwater International back in June 2018 as a Junior Analyst Intern and recently rejoined the company in September 2019 as a full-time Analyst. Prior to rejoining the company, I worked as an Account Specialist at Amazon in Bratislava, Slovakia and as an intern in a bank in Honduras called Banco Ficohsa. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and my Master’s degree in Finance, both at the University of Tampa.

I decided to join Clearwater International because I can provide a well-rounded perspective given my international experience both professionally and academically. Most importantly, I decided to come back to Clearwater because it aligned with exactly what I wanted to do. After completing my Master’s in Finance, I realised I am extremely passionate about corporate finance and Clearwater International gave me the final affirmation in terms of what I wanted to pursue in a professional career.