Clearwater International advises the shareholders of Pevesa Biotech on its sale to Kerry Group

Clearwater International has advised the shareholders of Pevesa Biotech, a leading biotechnology company, on its sale to Kerry Group.

Pevesa Biotech specialises in the manufacture of isolates, hydrolysates, peptides and amino acids, and biomolecules through biological catalysts. The company which was established in 2005 and is located in Sevilla, Spain developed a proprietary technology which produces highly-purified products for application in the food and health, bio agricultural, cosmetic, industrial, and animal health sectors. They have since become a growing player in the plant protein ingredients market in Europe, and specifically in non-allergic baby food products segment in which it holds a leadership position.

Kerry Group, headquartered in Ireland, is a global leader in food ingredients, supplying over 15,000 foods, food ingredients, and flavoured products to customers in more than 140 countries worldwide.

Kerry Group will support Pevesa Biotech in its long-term expansion project. The focus will be broadening the product portfolio and consolidating its market leader position.