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ClearVision – Clearwater International’s Women’s Network

Clear Vision Paris cropped

On 5th May 2022, 43 women from Clearwater International’s European offices met in Paris to define and structure Clearwater’s inaugural women’s network – ClearVision.

ClearVision is a key milestone on Clearwater’s diversity, equity & inclusion (DE&I) journey, marking a clear commitment to improving the level of female diversity in the business and a step toward being the employer of choice for inclusivity.

The aim of ClearVision is:

  • To be a collective voice of influence to help drive change and advance Clearwater’s DE&I strategy
  • To create an inclusive space so that every female within the business can reach their potential
  • To facilitate the sharing and exchange of knowledge, experiences and ideas as well as mentoring to support the learning and growth of all members
  • To encourage, support, uplift and build confidence in one another – being each others role model
Group session Barcelona

Since its inaugural meeting in Paris, there has since been a second educational and relationship building session in Barcelona in November 2022 attended by 50 females. The two-day meeting built bonds between the females in the business, provided an opportunity for the CEO to address the female audience and provided education sessions around specific topics affecting females in business.

The ClearVision network has also just begun a mentoring programme aimed at matching mentees and mentors across Europe to support development and growth of females within the business.

This year, the ClearVision network also aims to kick-start a virtual programme of knowledge sharing across the business and to invite male representation into the network to support the objectives of the network.

Julian Brown cut

Julian Brown, CEO commented:

“The ClearVision network is not only benefiting those directly involved but is also an important signal both internally and externally that we are committed to our DE&I journey. We see a culture of inclusivity as vitally important to the attractiveness of our business to both our people and our clients.”

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