Outdoor Equipment and Clothing Clearthought

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  • Lifestyle product

    In recent years many outdoor brands have deliberately set out to be more fashionable, with their clothes now used regularly and not just for sporting activities.

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  • Market drivers

    A number of factors are influencing the market including the rapidly growing e-commerce segment, innovation stemming from the very technical nature of outdoor clothing, the growing importance of sustainability and developments in high visibility materials.

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  • Interview: Hans Falkenburg

    After 18 years at the helm of UK outdoor clothing retailer Cotswold Outdoor, Hans Falkenburg is well-placed to comment on the challenges facing the market today.

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  • Case study: Jack Wolfskin

    The flagship German outdoor clothing company, whose products bear the famous yellow wolf’s paw symbol, is a good example of a business which has seen huge growth due to the rise in the outdoor leisure market.

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  • M&A activity

    The sector is evolving fast as brands increasingly go direct to market and look to sell their products globally, while retailers also seek to strengthen their own brands. At the same time all brands need to constantly innovate to differentiate themselves.

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