Dental equipment market continues to grow at a significant rate

Dental equipment is one of the fastest growing areas within the medical devices market growing at a significant rate due to a number of contributing factors, which include:

  • the increasing occurrence of dental disorders
  • up-surged demand for cosmetic dentistry
  • rising aging population
  • growing dental tourism

All of the above are estimated to positively drive the growth of the dental equipment market2. Increased technology use such as imaging, new cleaning technology and radiology is anticipated to be another factor behind the market growth, with early intervention and prevention. Government initiatives relating to dental hygiene is also expected to supplement the growth of the market. With these factors in mind, the global dental equipment market is anticipated to develop at a CAGR of 5.8% and is projected to achieve a value of $9.5bn (€8.3bn) by 20241, having been valued at $6.05bn (€5.3bn) in 2016.

North America has the largest share of the market and is home to several of the larger players including 3M, Henry Schein and Patterson Inc. Europe has the second largest share of the market, followed by Asia Pacific. We expect to see continued M&A activity in this sector by larger dental equipment groups looking to expand into other territories and to protect their margins. There is increased consolidation of corporate dental practices/clinics who have stronger bargaining power, for example: Portman Dental, Colosseum Dental, Bupa Dental, MyDentist and Nordic Capital backed dental group Hesira. We have seen Henry Schein in particular become active in the last few years in the dental products market, acquiring businesses across the US, Australia, Germany, Poland, Italy and France. Other acquisitive businesses include US-based Dentsply, who has made five acquisitions in the last three years across Germany, France, the US and Israel, and Lifco AB who has acquired businesses across Europe, the US and China. This M&A activity is expected to continue, and provides evidence of how businesses are using increased scale to broaden their offerings in order to provide a “one stop solution” in the dental devices market, which will remain an attractive factor to corporate dental practices/clinics.

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