Fuel Cell Technology Clearthought

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  • The technology

    A fuel cell generates electricity by forcing a fuel to react with oxygen. The most commonly used fuel today is hydrogen, but fuel cells can use almost any hydrocarbon including gas and alcohol. A constant supply of fuel and oxygen is required to sustain the reaction that produces the electricity.

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  • M&A activity

    The growing momentum in the fuel cell industry is demonstrated by a series of recent strategic partnerships and M&A transactions, and increased support for accelerating mass-market fuel cell deployment. Over the last couple of years a number of large automotive suppliers and industrial groups have entered into partnerships with specialised fuel cell companies, and as consolidation takes hold the number of independent fuel cell players has been significantly reduced.

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  • Interview with Luc Wanten, CEO of Borit

    The debate around the potential of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies to drive decarbonisation is not new. But with the industry having performed lots of research and limited-scale market introductions, Luc Wanten, CEO of fuel cell plate manufacturer Borit, believes the sector has finally reached a tipping point.

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