Autonomous Vehicles Clearthought

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  • Seismic shift

    Autonomous driving will revolutionise the automotive industry. It will reduce road accidents and deaths, cut traffic congestion, help tackle pollution, and increase productivity as drivers let technology take the strain.

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  • Regulation

    Rhe regulatory environment remains unclear and complex with the absence of a clear regime for liability of an autonomous vehicle.

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  • OEM strategies

    Precisely how OEMs match consumer needs with autonomous driving solutions, while overcoming public scepticism about relinquishing control of vehicles, remains a key question. Which business models will win in this new landscape?

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  • Supply chain impact

    Tier 1 suppliers also face a huge range of options and challenges in this new landscape. To become leaders in assistive and autonomous technology suppliers will need to develop new capabilities.

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  • M&A activity

    The fact that the Silicon Valley tech giants are entering the automotive supply chain is nothing short of a revolution for the automotive industry. Furthermore, leading internet groups from elsewhere in the world are also joining the party.

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